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at Accurate Analytical Lab we do carry out following Miscellaneous Tests:-

  1. Absorbance on UV – Visible spectrophotometer at various wavelengths.
  2. Assay / % purity of chemicals & powder sample.
  3. Congealling points, Melting Point, Boiling Point etc.
  4. Iodine value / Iodine number of Activated carbon sample.
  5. Sapponins
  6. Methylene Blue Reduction Test for Milk samples .
  7. % Purity of Formaldehyde
  8. Active matter from detergent sample.
  9. Curcumin Testing
  10. Salt Spray Testing
  11. Sieve Analysis
  12. Bulk Density
  13. Identification tests A, B, C, from I.P.
  14. Analysis of wines, beverages, Absolute Alcohol, Rectified spirit
  15. Analysis of Spent Wash & Molasses sample.
  16. Proximate & ultimate analysis of Coal sample.
  17. Analysis of Cloth sample.
  18. Sennosides
  19. Analysis of beauty products and cosmetics.

                                              Digital Balance (Precisa)



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